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  1. Communication is our healing
    08 Mar, 2018
    Communication is our healing
    One thing that has become a very prominent lesson in my life the past year has been the importance of communication.  The importance of being heard.. and of wanting to communicate your deepest truths. The way one conversation can save a relationship.. and how when voice is abandoned it can all fall into ruin.  I have lost good friends this year and gained good friends as well.  One that meant a lot to me.. I lost.  I lost it because I could not bring myself to speak my truth. I was scared of
  2. We Choose the Galaxies
    26 Jan, 2017
    We Choose the Galaxies
    As I release my breath,  a steady stream of air flows out of my mouth and nose... My body, empty.. resting in eternity.  This ever constant rhythm of life. The inflow and flux, of galaxies within.  Being created and extinguished.  Only within, do we choose the Galaxies that live and die.  Creating our own universe... our own reality  based on which galaxy we give more energy to: thoughts as stars.  Each star making that galaxy more bright, more tangible- and seen.  I only want to birth stars
  3. A Poem: I am in a Cloud
    14 Dec, 2016
    A Poem: I am in a Cloud
    The fog comes rolling in. I am in a cloud. I am suspended in a real life day dream.  I cant tell if this obscurity is coming from within or outside of myself. These emotions surround me and obscure my perception.  I cannot see the finite detail of whats around me. All I see is in hidden behind haze.  Intentional clearing?  Or maybe I should surrender to this temporary illusion, and see it just as that.  Temporary. I am in a cloud. Everything I see is reflected through a warped mirror. Emotions
  4. Allowing the Waters to Flow
    24 Apr, 2016
    Allowing the Waters to Flow
    When you hear the rains coming... the thunder rumbling... and the winds a'blowing... Know it is your destiny calling and a rebirth in the making. Turn in and release your fears for they are but untrue friends. Find your center within the eye of the storm, and welcome the strength born in vulnerability. Let go of mind and let spirit take hold. Know that you are made for this and let the flood come. Keep no crack or crevasse covered. Feel everything. Resist nothing. Let the water of emotion wash
  5. The Hallowed Hamartia Within
    04 Aug, 2016
    The Hallowed Hamartia Within
    Light and Darkness share a love story as old as time and together they create the entire Universe. All we see around us is held within their divine and unique balance. Just as when there is only darkness we are rendered blind,  likewise when there is only light we have no shadows to shape our perception. -We need both- Too often than not we as people turn a blind eye to that which causes us pain. We live in a society that teaches us to "be strong" and that "crying is for the weak".  Although by

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